An Ecommerce company assigned this project to my agency for manage their Facebook page and Facebook campaign.

Our client lacked time and experience and was not knowledgeable of the compliance issues, content management, how to successfully monitor the pages to ensure the growth of his business and overall engagement and sales. Also, he needed a lot amount of likes on his page.


As a team leader of my agency, I just audited the page and recommended the advanced setting of that page. I have made a monthly posting plan for the page.

Please check:

Social Media Posting Plan

After making a plan, I assigned the project to my teammate, who was responsible for the individual part.  In the meantime, we have two campaigns on Facebook ad manager for his page by maintaining his budget.

They were-

  1. Facebook Like Growth Campaign
  2. Post Boosting


Within 4 months of our efforts – this client had the following:


Estimate Reach/ per post


People following them on the Facebook